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Identifier Preferred Label Frequency Covered text Add search term
MeSH D004194 Disease 33 disease, diseases, Disease concept:D004194
MeSH D005334 Fever 56 fever, Fever concept:D005334
MeSH D004630 Emergencies 11 emergency, Emergency concept:D004630
MeSH D045169 Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome 56 severe acute respiratory syndrome, Severe acute respiratory syndrome, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, severe acute respiratory syndromes concept:D045169
MeSH D007239 Infections 37 infections, infection, Infection concept:D007239
MeSH D011014 Pneumonia 15 pneumonia, Pneumonia concept:D011014
MeSH D014777 Virus Diseases 3 virus disease, Virus Disease concept:D014777
MeSH D003371 Cough 43 cough, coughing, Cough concept:D003371
MeSH D058345 Asymptomatic Infections 1 asymptomatic infection concept:D058345
MeSH D018352 Coronavirus Infections 29 coronavirus disease, disease (Coronavirus, Coronavirus Disease, Coronavirus disease concept:D018352
MeSH D000370 Ageusia 1 ageusia concept:D000370
MeSH D060085 Coinfection 1 coinfection concept:D060085
MeSH D007249 Inflammation 1 inflammation concept:D007249
MeSH D005221 Fatigue 15 fatigue concept:D005221
MeSH D008231 Lymphopenia 8 Lymphopenia, lymphopenia concept:D008231
MeSH D003920 Diabetes Mellitus 3 diabetes mellitus concept:D003920
MeSH D004417 Dyspnea 14 dyspnea concept:D004417
MeSH D063806 Myalgia 11 myalgia concept:D063806
MeSH D018450 Disease Progression 4 disease progression concept:D018450
MeSH D001424 Bacterial Infections 2 bacterial infections concept:D001424
MeSH D003643 Death 15 death, deaths concept:D003643
MeSH D018589 Gastroparesis 1 gastroparesis concept:D018589
MeSH D012816 Signs and Symptoms 2 signs and symptoms concept:D012816
MeSH D006943 Hyperglycemia 1 hyperglycemia concept:D006943
MeSH D012008 Recurrence 3 recurrence concept:D012008
MeSH D013577 Syndrome 7 syndrome, Syndrome concept:D013577
MeSH D013921 Thrombocytopenia 1 thrombocytopenia concept:D013921
MeSH D006973 Hypertension 8 hypertension concept:D006973
MeSH D006261 Headache 9 headache concept:D006261
MeSH D002318 Cardiovascular Diseases 1 cardiovascular diseases concept:D002318
MeSH D004244 Dizziness 1 dizziness concept:D004244
MeSH D001259 Ataxia 1 ataxia concept:D001259
MeSH D004827 Epilepsy 1 epilepsy concept:D004827
MeSH D009437 Neuralgia 1 neuralgia concept:D009437
MeSH D009461 Neurologic Manifestations 1 neurologic manifestations concept:D009461
MeSH D003967 Diarrhea 11 diarrhea concept:D003967
MeSH D015746 Abdominal Pain 4 abdominal pain concept:D015746
MeSH D006331 Heart Diseases 2 heart disease concept:D006331
MeSH D011248 Pregnancy Complications 1 Pregnancy complications concept:D011248
MeSH D005316 Fetal Distress 1 fetal distress concept:D005316
MeSH D012421 Rupture 1 rupture concept:D012421
MeSH D007037 Hypothyroidism 1 hypothyroidism concept:D007037
MeSH D000740 Anemia 1 anemia concept:D000740
MeSH D001724 Birth Weight 1 birth weight concept:D001724
MeSH D014839 Vomiting 2 vomiting concept:D014839
MeSH D010146 Pain 3 pain, pains concept:D010146
MeSH D012912 Sneezing 1 sneeze concept:D012912
MeSH D007565 Jaundice 1 jaundice concept:D007565
MeSH D001247 Asthenia 1 asthenia concept:D001247
MeSH D034141 Hypoalbuminemia 1 hypoalbuminemia concept:D034141
MeSH D003231 Conjunctivitis 1 conjunctivitis concept:D003231
MeSH D001281 Atrial Fibrillation 1 atrial fibrillation concept:D001281
MeSH D001249 Asthma 2 asthma concept:D001249
MeSH D006502 Budd-Chiari Syndrome 1 Budd-Chiari syndrome concept:D006502
MeSH D050497 Stillbirth 1 stillbirth concept:D050497
MeSH D003248 Constipation 1 constipation concept:D003248
MeSH D009325 Nausea 1 nausea concept:D009325
MeSH D006461 Hemolysis 1 Hemolysis concept:D006461
MeSH D018281 Cholangiocarcinoma 1 cholangiocarcinoma concept:D018281
MeSH D002544 Cerebral Infarction 1 infarction due to cerebral concept:D002544
MeSH D013923 Thromboembolism 1 thromboembolism concept:D013923
MeSH D002908 Chronic Disease 1 chronic diseases concept:D002908