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    Feasibility of non-invasive nitric oxide inhalation in acute hypoxic respiratory failure: potential role during the COVID-19 pandemic MESHD COVID-19 pandemic MESHD

    Authors: Kiran Shekar; Sneha Varkey; George Cornmell; Leanne Parsons; Maneesha Tol; Matthew Siuba; Mahesh Ramanan

    doi:10.1101/2020.05.17.20082123 Date: 2020-05-20 Source: medRxiv

    Acute hypoxemic respiratory failure MESHD ( ARF MESHD) is characterized by both lower arterial oxygen and carbon dioxide tensions in the blood. First line treatment for ARF MESHD includes oxygen therapy,intially admininstered non invasively using nasal prongs, high flow nasal cannulae or masks. Invasive mechancial ventilation (IMV) is usually reserved for patients who are unable to maintain their airway, those with worsening hypoxemia MESHD, or those who develop respiratory muscle fatigue MESHD and consequent hypercapnia MESHD. Inhaled nitric oxide (iNO) gas is known to improve oxygenation in patients with ARF MESHD by manipulating ventilation-perfusion matching. Addition of iNO may potentially alleviate the need for IMV MESHD in selected patients. This article demonstrates the feasibility of this technique based on our experience of patients with hypoxemic ARF MESHD. This technique may also be considered for patients with hypoxic ARF MESHD in setting of COVID-19 MESHD.

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