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    Cataract HP Cataract MESHD Services in the COVID-19 era: Risk, Consent and Prioritisation

    Authors: Dr Kelvin Cheng; Dr Martin Anderson; Dr Stavros Velissaris; Dr Robert Moreton; Dr Ahmed Al-Mansour; Professor Roshini Sanders; Dr Shona Sutherland; Dr Peter Wilson; Dr Andrew Blaikie

    doi:10.21203/ Date: 2020-09-05 Source: ResearchSquare

    Background:The COVID-19 pandemic halted non-emergency surgery across Scotland. Measures to mitigating the risks of transmitting COVID-19 are creating significant challenges to recommencement of all surgical services safely. We describe the development of a risk stratification tool to prioritise patients for cataract HP cataract MESHD surgery and report the demographics and comorbidities of patients on the NHS Fife waiting list. Methods:A prospective case review of electronic records was performed. A risk stratification tool was developed based on review of available literature on risk factors for poor outcome from COVID-19 infection MESHD. Scores derived from the tool were used to generate 6 risk profile groups to call in time order for surgery.Results:There were 744 patients awaiting cataract HP cataract MESHD surgery of which 66 (8.9%) patients were ‘shielding’. One hundred and thirty-two (19.5%) patients had no systemic comorbidities, 218 (32.1%) patients had 1 relevant systemic comorbidity and 316 (46.5%) patients had 2 or more comorbidities. Five hundred and ninety patients (88.7%) did not have any ocular comorbidities.Conclusions:COVID-19 has presented every department an urgent challenge to deal with the mounting cataract HP cataract MESHD surgery waiting list. We present a pragmatic method of risk stratifying patients on waiting lists, blending an evidence-based objective assessment of risk and patient need combined with an element of shared decision-making. This has facilitated recommencement of our cataract HP cataract MESHD service taking into account biohazard measures of the COVID-19 era.

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