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    Investigation of genetic variations of IL6 and IL6R as potential prognostic and pharmacogenetics biomarkers: implications for COVID19 MESHD and neuroinflammatory disorders MESHD.

    Authors: Claudia Strafella; Valerio Caputo; Andrea Termine; Shila Barati; Carlo Caltagirone; Emiliano Giardina; Raffaella Cascella

    doi:10.21203/ Date: 2020-09-14 Source: ResearchSquare

    In the present study, we investigated the distribution of genetic variations in IL6 and IL6R genes, which may be employed as prognostic and pharmacogenetic biomarkers for COVID-19 MESHD and neurodegenerative diseases MESHD. The study was performed on 271 samples representative of the Italian general population and identified seven variants (rs140764737, rs142164099, rs2069849, rs142759801, rs190436077, rs148171375, rs13306435) in IL6 and five variants (rs2228144, rs2229237, rs2228145, rs28730735, rs143810642) within IL6R, respectively. These variants have been predicted to affect the expression and binding ability of IL6 and IL6R. The Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA) showed that IL6 and IL6R appeared to be implicated in several pathogenetic mechanisms associated with COVID19 MESHD severity and mortality as well as with neurodegenerative diseases MESHD mediated by neuroinflammation. Thus, the availability of IL6-IL6R-related biomarkers for COVID19 MESHD disease may be helpful to counteract harmful complications and prevent multi-organ failure MESHD. At the same time, IL6-IL6R-related biomarkers could also be useful for assessing the susceptibility and progression of neuroinflammatory disorders MESHD and undertake the most suitable treatment strategies to improve patients’ prognosis and quality of life. In conclusion, this study showed how IL6 pleiotropic activity could be exploited to meet different clinical needs and realize precision medicine protocols for chronic, age TRANS-related and modern public health emergencies.

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