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    Extracorporeal Blood Purification in moderate and severe COVID-19 MESHD patients: a prospective cohort study

    Authors: Rodney Rosalia; Petar Ugurov; Dashurie Neziri; Simona Despotovska; Lidija Veljanovska-Kiridjievska; Emilija Kostoska; Dimche Kuzmanov; Aleksandar Trifunovski; Gianluca Villa; Dijana Popevski; Zan Mitrev

    doi:10.1101/2020.10.10.20210096 Date: 2020-10-13 Source: medRxiv

    Introduction: COVID-19 MESHD is characterised by hyperinflammation and coagulopathy MESHD. Severe cases often develop respiratory distress MESHD, requiring mechanical ventilation and critical cases progressing to ARDS. Control of hyperinflammation has been proposed as a possible therapeutic avenue for COVID-19 MESHD; extracorporeal blood purification ( EBP HGNC) modalities offer an attractive mean to ameliorate maladaptive inflammation MESHD. With this work, we describe the longitudinal variation of parameters of systemic inflammation MESHD in critically ill COVID-19 MESHD patients treated with blood purification using AN69ST (oXiris) hemodiafilter. Methods: We performed a time-series analysis of 44 consecutive COVID-19 MESHD cases treated with the AN69ST (oXiris) cytokine adsorbing hemodiafilter; we visualise longitudinal results of biochemical, inflammatory, blood gas- and vital sign parameters. Results: Blood purification was indicated for suspected hyperinflammation or hypercoagulation MESHD, (= CRP HGNC > 100 mg/L and/or IL-6 HGNC > 40 pg/mL and/or Ferritin > 500 ng/mL and/or Lactate Dehydrogenase > 365 U/L or D-dimers > 2000 ng/mL). All patients were treated with at least 1 cycle extracorporeal continuous venovenous hemofiltration (CVVHF) with cytokine adsorbing hemodiafilter (CAH); of these, 30 severe patients received CVVHF-CAH MESHD within 4 - 12 hours of hospitalisation. Another 14 patients admitted with mild-to-moderate symptoms progressed to severe disease and placed on EBP HGNC during the course of hospitalisation. The treatment was associated with a reduction of Ferritin, C-reactive protein HGNC, Fibrinogen HGNC, several inflammatory markers and a resolution of numerous cytopenias MESHD. The observed mortality across the cohort was 36.3% across the cohort. Conclusion: Extracorporeal blood purification with cytokine adsorbing hemofilter was associated with a decrease in the acute phase proteins CRP HGNC, Ferritin, and resolution of numerous cytopenias MESHD. Repetitive hemofiltration has been associated with lower levels of IL-6 HGNC in COVID-19 MESHD patients.

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SARS-CoV-2 Proteins

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