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Identifier Preferred Label Frequency Add search term
MeSH D000086382 COVID-19 69 concept:"COVID-19"
MeSH D006973 Hypertension 72 concept:"Hypertension"
MeSH D005334 Fever 17 concept:"Fever"
MeSH D003371 Cough 10 concept:"Cough"
MeSH D005221 Fatigue 10 concept:"Fatigue"
MeSH D011024 Pneumonia, Viral 1 concept:"Pneumonia, Viral"
MeSH D011014 Pneumonia 10 concept:"Pneumonia"
MeSH D002908 Chronic Disease 5 concept:"Chronic Disease"
MeSH D003920 Diabetes Mellitus 44 concept:"Diabetes Mellitus"
MeSH D003643 Death 17 concept:"Death"
MeSH D003327 Coronary Disease 7 concept:"Coronary Disease"
MeSH D015619 Respiratory System Abnormalities 1 concept:"Respiratory System Abnormalities"
MeSH D004417 Dyspnea 17 concept:"Dyspnea"
MeSH D050171 Dyslipidemias 2 concept:"Dyslipidemias"
MeSH D016638 Critical Illness 6 concept:"Critical Illness"
MeSH D018352 Coronavirus Infections 13 concept:"Coronavirus Infections"
MeSH D006331 Heart Diseases 7 concept:"Heart Diseases"
MeSH D029424 Pulmonary Disease, Chronic Obstructive 8 concept:"Pulmonary Disease, Chronic Obstructive"
MeSH D012128 Respiratory Distress Syndrome, Adult 8 concept:"Respiratory Distress Syndrome, Adult"
MeSH D018805 Sepsis 5 concept:"Sepsis"
MeSH D009202 Cardiomyopathies 4 concept:"Cardiomyopathies"
MeSH D000860 Hypoxia 3 concept:"Hypoxia"
MeSH D000787 Angina Pectoris 1 concept:"Angina Pectoris"
MeSH D001281 Atrial Fibrillation 2 concept:"Atrial Fibrillation"
MeSH D009369 Neoplasms 11 concept:"Neoplasms"
MeSH D007674 Kidney Diseases 6 concept:"Kidney Diseases"
MeSH D011655 Pulmonary Embolism 3 concept:"Pulmonary Embolism"
MeSH D006333 Heart Failure 7 concept:"Heart Failure"
MeSH D009203 Myocardial Infarction 1 concept:"Myocardial Infarction"
MeSH D016491 Peripheral Vascular Diseases 1 concept:"Peripheral Vascular Diseases"
MeSH D020521 Stroke 2 concept:"Stroke"
MeSH D012640 Seizures 2 concept:"Seizures"
MeSH D051436 Renal Insufficiency, Chronic 7 concept:"Renal Insufficiency, Chronic"
MeSH D002318 Cardiovascular Diseases 14 concept:"Cardiovascular Diseases"
MeSH D004700 Endocrine System Diseases 1 concept:"Endocrine System Diseases"
MeSH D000142 Acidosis, Respiratory 1 concept:"Acidosis, Respiratory"
MeSH D008231 Lymphopenia 10 concept:"Lymphopenia"
MeSH D003141 Communicable Diseases 1 concept:"Communicable Diseases"
MeSH D012131 Respiratory Insufficiency 5 concept:"Respiratory Insufficiency"
MeSH D002544 Cerebral Infarction 1 concept:"Cerebral Infarction"
MeSH D019283 Pancreatitis, Acute Necrotizing 1 concept:"Pancreatitis, Acute Necrotizing"
MeSH D044342 Malnutrition 1 concept:"Malnutrition"
MeSH D002561 Cerebrovascular Disorders 3 concept:"Cerebrovascular Disorders"
MeSH D001024 Aortic Valve Stenosis 1 concept:"Aortic Valve Stenosis"
MeSH D007249 Inflammation 6 concept:"Inflammation"
MeSH D063806 Myalgia 3 concept:"Myalgia"
MeSH D013610 Tachycardia 1 concept:"Tachycardia"
MeSH D054144 Heart Failure, Diastolic 1 concept:"Heart Failure, Diastolic"
MeSH D005117 Cardiac Complexes, Premature 1 concept:"Cardiac Complexes, Premature"
MeSH D003967 Diarrhea 1 concept:"Diarrhea"
MeSH D017563 Lung Diseases, Interstitial 2 concept:"Lung Diseases, Interstitial"
MeSH D004802 Eosinophilia 1 concept:"Eosinophilia"
MeSH D058186 Acute Kidney Injury 5 concept:"Acute Kidney Injury"
MeSH D014777 Virus Diseases 5 concept:"Virus Diseases"
MeSH D002637 Chest Pain 3 concept:"Chest Pain"
MeSH D008133 Long QT Syndrome 1 concept:"Long QT Syndrome"
MeSH D051437 Renal Insufficiency 3 concept:"Renal Insufficiency"
MeSH D020271 Heredodegenerative Disorders, Nervous System 1 concept:"Heredodegenerative Disorders, Nervous System"
MeSH D000857 Olfaction Disorders 1 concept:"Olfaction Disorders"
MeSH D045169 Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome 4 concept:"Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome"
MeSH D004194 Disease 2 concept:"Disease"
MeSH D008171 Lung Diseases 4 concept:"Lung Diseases"
MeSH D001778 Blood Coagulation Disorders 1 concept:"Blood Coagulation Disorders"
MeSH D007676 Kidney Failure, Chronic 3 concept:"Kidney Failure, Chronic"
MeSH D003027 Cluster Headache 1 concept:"Cluster Headache"
MeSH D007970 Leukopenia 2 concept:"Leukopenia"
MeSH D006261 Headache 3 concept:"Headache"
MeSH D001249 Asthma 1 concept:"Asthma"
MeSH D011236 Prediabetic State 1 concept:"Prediabetic State"
MeSH D017202 Myocardial Ischemia 1 concept:"Myocardial Ischemia"
MeSH D007239 Infections 2 concept:"Infections"
MeSH D009223 Myotonic Dystrophy 2 concept:"Myotonic Dystrophy"
MeSH D014355 Chagas Disease 1 concept:"Chagas Disease"
MeSH D060085 Coinfection 1 concept:"Coinfection"
MeSH D009765 Obesity 5 concept:"Obesity"
MeSH D003324 Coronary Artery Disease 2 concept:"Coronary Artery Disease"
MeSH D006816 Huntington Disease 1 concept:"Huntington Disease"
MeSH D014376 Tuberculosis 1 concept:"Tuberculosis"
MeSH D009101 Multiple Myeloma 1 concept:"Multiple Myeloma"
MeSH D006949 Hyperlipidemias 2 concept:"Hyperlipidemias"
MeSH D000361 Agammaglobulinemia 1 concept:"Agammaglobulinemia"
MeSH D001791 Blood Platelet Disorders 1 concept:"Blood Platelet Disorders"
MeSH D008659 Metabolic Diseases 1 concept:"Metabolic Diseases"
MeSH D006947 Hyperkalemia 1 concept:"Hyperkalemia"
MeSH D056486 Chemical and Drug Induced Liver Injury 2 concept:"Chemical and Drug Induced Liver Injury"
MeSH D003699 Hepatitis D 1 concept:"Hepatitis D"
MeSH D014808 Vitamin D Deficiency 1 concept:"Vitamin D Deficiency"
MeSH D006934 Hypercalcemia 1 concept:"Hypercalcemia"
MeSH D003318 Corneal Opacity 1 concept:"Corneal Opacity"
MeSH D014412 Tumor Virus Infections 1 concept:"Tumor Virus Infections"
MeSH D009205 Myocarditis 1 concept:"Myocarditis"
MeSH D003866 Depressive Disorder 1 concept:"Depressive Disorder"
MeSH D001008 Anxiety Disorders 1 concept:"Anxiety Disorders"
MeSH D010146 Pain 1 concept:"Pain"
MeSH D000855 Anorexia 1 concept:"Anorexia"
MeSH D004342 Drug Hypersensitivity 2 concept:"Drug Hypersensitivity"
MeSH D008206 Lymphatic Diseases 1 concept:"Lymphatic Diseases"
MeSH D007964 Leukocytosis 1 concept:"Leukocytosis"
MeSH D014839 Vomiting 1 concept:"Vomiting"
MeSH D010996 Pleural Effusion 1 concept:"Pleural Effusion"
MeSH D019851 Thrombophilia 1 concept:"Thrombophilia"
MeSH D001927 Brain Diseases 1 concept:"Brain Diseases"
MeSH D007511 Ischemia 1 concept:"Ischemia"
MeSH D012140 Respiratory Tract Diseases 1 concept:"Respiratory Tract Diseases"
MeSH D005767 Gastrointestinal Diseases 1 concept:"Gastrointestinal Diseases"
MeSH D021821 Communicable Diseases, Emerging 1 concept:"Communicable Diseases, Emerging"
MeSH D007859 Learning Disabilities 1 concept:"Learning Disabilities"
MeSH D001424 Bacterial Infections 1 concept:"Bacterial Infections"
MeSH C567026 Episodic Kinesigenic Dyskinesia 2 1 concept:"Episodic Kinesigenic Dyskinesia 2"
MeSH D007153 Immunologic Deficiency Syndromes 1 concept:"Immunologic Deficiency Syndromes"