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    Validation of reported risk factors for disease classification and prognosis in COVID-19 MESHD: a descriptive and retrospective study

    Authors: Li Tan; Xia Kang; Xinran Ji; Qi Wang; Yongsheng li; Qiongshu Wang; Hongming Miao

    doi:10.1101/2020.04.05.20053769 Date: 2020-04-07 Source: medRxiv

    Risk indicators viral load ( ORF1ab PROTEIN Ct), lymphocyte percentage (LYM%), C-reactive protein HGNC ( CRP HGNC), interleukin-6 HGNC ( IL-6 HGNC), procalcitonin (PCT) and lactic acid (LA) in COVID-19 MESHD patients have been proposed in recent studies. However, the predictive effects of those indicators on disease classification and prognosis remains largely unknown. We dynamically measured those reported indicators in 132 cases of COVID-19 MESHD patients including the moderate-cured (moderated and cured), severe-cured (severe and cured) and critically ill (died). Our data showed that CRP HGNC, PCT, IL-6 HGNC, LYM%, lactic acid and viral load could predict prognosis and guide classification of COVID-19 MESHD patients in different degrees. CRP HGNC, IL-6 HGNC and LYM% were more effective than other three factors in predicting prognosis. For disease classification, CRP HGNC and LYM% were sensitive in identifying the types between critically ill MESHD and severe (or moderate). Notably, among the investigated factors, LYM% was the only one that could distinguish between the severe and moderate types. Collectively, we concluded that LYM% was the most sensitive and reliable predictor for disease typing and prognosis. During the COVID-19 pandemic MESHD, the precise classification and prognosis prediction are critical for saving the insufficient medical resources, stratified treatment and improving the survival rate of critically ill MESHD patients. We recommend that LYM% be used independently or in combination with other indicators in the management of COVID-19 MESHD.

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MeSH Disease
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