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    The Effect of Angiotensin II HGNC Infusion on Markers of Organ Function in Invasively Ventilated COVID-19 MESHD Patients

    Authors: Alberto Zangrillo; Sergio Colombo; Anna Mara Scandroglio; Evgeny Fominskiy; Marina Pieri; Maria G Calabrò; Paolo F Beccaria; Nicola Pasculli; Francesca Guzzo; Maria R Calvi; Antonella Cipriani; Chiara Sartini; Pasquale Nardelli; Alessandro Ortalda; Gaetano Lombardi; Mariana Sartorelli; Giacomo Monti; Andrea Assanelli; Moreno Tresoldi; Lorenzo Dagna; Stefano Franchini; Ary Serpa Neto; Rinaldo Bellomo; Giovanni Landoni

    doi:10.21203/ Date: 2020-08-01 Source: ResearchSquare

    Background: The use of angiotensin II HGNC (ANGII) in invasively ventilated COVID-19 MESHD patients is controversial. Its effect on markers of organ function is unknown.Methods: We used ANGII either as rescue vasopressor agent or as low dose vasopressor support. Patients treated before ANGII availability or in an adjacent COVID-19 MESHD ICU served as controls. For data analysis, we applied Bayesian modelling as appropriate. We assessed the effects of ANG on markers of organ function.Results: We compared 46 ANGII patients with 53 controls. Compared with controls, ANGII increased MAP (median difference, 9.05 mmHg [95% confidence interval, 1.87 to 16.22]; p = 0.013) and PaO2/FiO2 ratio (median difference, 23.17 [95% confidence interval, 3.46 to 42.88]; p = 0.021). ANGII had no effect on lactate, urinary output, serum creatinine, C-Reactive protein HGNC, platelet count, or thromboembolic complications MESHD. However, it significantly decreased the odd ratio of liver dysfunction MESHD (odds ratio: 0.32; 0.09 to 0.94) and, on Bayesian modelling, in patients with abnormal baseline serum creatinine, ANGII carried a 95.7% probability of decreasing renal replacement therapy use. Conclusions: In ventilated COVID-19 MESHD patients, ANGII therapy was associated with increased blood pressure and PaO2/FiO2 ratios, decreased odds ratio of liver dysfunction MESHD, and a high probability of decreasing renal replacement therapy use in patients with abnormal baseline serum creatinine. 

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