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    Impact of COVID-19 MESHD on Malaria MESHD Elimination: Juxtaposing Indoor Residual Spraying and Mobile Phones in Buhera Rural District, Zimbabwe

    Authors: Elliot Mbunge; Richard Millham; Maureen Nokuthula Sibiya; Sam Takavarasha

    doi:10.21203/ Date: 2021-01-28 Source: ResearchSquare

    BackgroundGlobally, malaria MESHD remains one of the leading health problems decimating population in Africa with an estimated 228 million cases of malaria MESHD and 405 000 deaths occurred worldwide in 2018. In Zimbabwe, like other sub-Saharan countries, is fighting both elusive malaria MESHD and COVID-19 MESHD that continues to overwhelm the already overburdened healthcare system. Zimbabwean rural healthcare centres including Buhera district experience dire impact of malaria MESHD and COVID-19 pandemic MESHD. Therefore, the study presents the impact of COVID-19 MESHD on malaria MESHD control measures and reflects on indoor residual spraying ( IRS HGNC) activities pre and post the outbreak of COVID-19 MESHD while introspecting milestones and challenges encountered when executing IRS HGNC activities; and opportunities to integrate mobile technologies into malaria MESHD elimination.MethodsA retrospective study of malaria MESHD cases and IRS HGNC reports was carried out. Malaria MESHD cases per each health centre from 2015-2020 were collected from DHIS in Buhera rural district.ResultsThe study shows that the overall IRS HGNC acceptance rate in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 was 100%, 58.5%, 66.6%, 52.8% and 83.3%, respectively. The absolute rooms sprayed in 2017 are 2.55% above those sprayed in 2016 but are 8.46% below those sprayed in 2015. The coverage failed to reach impact levels in most of the wards due but not lack of resources, limited to inadequate community sensitization, and competing programmes which were running concurrently with IRS HGNC.  Also, the study revealed that malaria MESHD confirmed cases increased tremendously in 2020 as compared to the previous years, particularly from 2015-2019 because of delayed IRS HGNC coverage, COVID-19 MESHD restrictions, heavy rains, differed and inconsistent social and behaviour change communication, lack of community engagement, delayed procurement of equipment and lack of funding among others.   ConclusionsThe study revealed that moving from malaria MESHD prevention to elimination is possible in low malaria MESHD incidence areas in Buhera rural district. However, new challenges including cyclones and COVID-19 MESHD, disrupts of movements of medical equipment, delayed IRS HGNC activities, social and behaviour change communication and IEC campaigns and mandatory national lockdowns. It is therefore imperative to integrate mobile phones into malaria MESHD control strategies during COVID-19 pandemic MESHD to strengthen awareness campaigns while maintaining COVID-19 MESHD regulations.

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