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    Upregulated miR-200c HGNC may increase the risk of obese MESHD individuals to severe COVID-19 MESHD

    Authors: Jayanthi Bellae Papannarao; Daryl Schwenke; Patrick J Manning; Rajesh Katare

    doi:10.1101/2021.03.29.21254517 Date: 2021-03-31 Source: medRxiv

    Obesity is a risk factor for coronavirus disease 2019 MESHD ( COVID-19 MESHD) infection, the prevalence of obese MESHD individuals admitted with COVID-19 MESHD ranging between 30 and 60%. Herein we determined whether early changes in microRNAs (miRNAs) could be the underlying molecular mechanism increasing the risk of obese MESHD individuals to COVID-19 MESHD infection. Quantitative real-time PCR analysis of plasma samples for circulating miRNAs showed a significant upregulation of miR-200c HGNC and a small increase in miR HGNC-let-7b obese MESHD individuals. This was associated with significant downregulation of angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 HGNC ( ACE2 HGNC). Both the miRNAs are the direct targets of ACE2 HGNC, the specific functional receptor for severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 MESHD. Correlation analysis confirmed a significant negative correlation between ACE2 HGNC and both the miRNAs. Recent studies showed that despite being the functional receptor, inhibition/downregulation of ACE2 HGNC did not reduce the severity of COVID-19 MESHD infection. In contrast, increased angiotensin II HGNC following inhibition of ACE2 HGNC may increase the severity of the disease. Taken together, our novel results identify that upregulation of miR-200c HGNC may increase the susceptibility of obese MESHD individuals to COVID-19 MESHD. Considering miRNA are the earliest molecular regulators, circulating miR-200c HGNC could be a potential biomarker in the early identification of those at the risk of severe COVID-19 MESHD.

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