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SARS-CoV-2 Proteins
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    A traditional Chinese medicine, Respiratory Detox Shot ( RDS HGNC), inhibits the infection of SARS-CoV, SARS-CoV-2 MESHD, and the Influenza A virus in vitro

    Authors: Brian Hetrick; Dongyang Yu; Adeyemi Olanrewaju; Linda Chilin; Sijia He; Deemah Debbagh; Yuan-Chun Ma; Lewis Hofmann; Ramin Hakami; Yuntao Wu; Kathryn E. Hall; Musie Ghebremichael; Bruce D. Walker; Xu G. Yu; - MGH COVID-19 Collection & Processing Team; Diane Mathis; Christophe Benoist; Arianne Plaschke; David Eisel; Sarah C. Dany; Stephanie Fesser; Stephanie Erbar; Ferdia Bates; Diana Schneider; Bernadette Jesionek; Bianca Saenger; Ann-Kathrin Wallisch; Yvonne Feuchter; Hanna Junginger; Stefanie A. Krumm; Andre P. Heinen; Petra Adams-Quack; Julia Schlereth; Stefan Schille; Christoph Kroener; Ramon de la Caridad Gueimil Garcia; Thomas Hiller; Leyla Fischer; Rani S. Sellers; Shambhunath Choudhary; Olga Gonzalez; Fulvia Vascotto; Matthew R. Gutman; Jane Fontenot; Shannan Hall-Ursone; Kathleen Brasky; Matthew C Griffor; Seungil Han; Andreas A.H. Su; Joshua Lees; Nicole L. Nedoma; Ellene H. Mashalidis; Parag V. Sahasrabudhe; Charles Y. Tan; Danka Pavliakova; Guy Singh; Camila Fontes-Garfias; Michael Pride; Ingrid L. Scully; Tara Ciolino; Jennifer Obregon; Michal Gazi; Ricardo Carrion Jr.; Kendra J. Alfson; Warren V. Kalina; Deepak Kaushal; Pei-Yong Shi; Thorsten Klamp; Corinna Rosenbaum; Andreas N. Kuhn; Oezlem Tuereci; Philip R. Dormitzer; Kathrin U. Jansen; Ugur Sahin

    doi:10.1101/2020.12.10.420489 Date: 2020-12-11 Source: bioRxiv

    The ongoing global pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 MESHD ( COVID-19 MESHD) has resulted in the infection of over 60 million people and has caused over 1.4 million deaths as of December 2020 in more than 220 countries and territories. Currently, there is no effective treatment for COVID-19 MESHD to reduce mortality. We investigated the potential anti-coronavirus activities from an oral liquid of traditional medicine, Respiratory Detox Shot ( RDS HGNC), which contains mostly herbal ingredients traditionally used to manage lung diseases MESHD. Here we report that RDS HGNC inhibited the infection of target cells by SARS-CoV MESHD and SARS-CoV-2 pseudoviruses, and by infectious wild-type SARS-CoV-2. We further demonstrated that RDS HGNC inhibits viral early infection steps MESHD. In addition, we found that RDS HGNC can also block the infection of target cells by Influenza A virus. These results suggest that RDS HGNC may broadly inhibit the infection of respiratory viruses.

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SARS-CoV-2 Proteins

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