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Identifier Preferred Label Frequency Covered text Add search term
MeSH D018352 Coronavirus Infections 1 coronavirus disease concept:D018352
MeSH D004417 Dyspnea 1 Shortness of breath concept:D004417
MeSH D003967 Diarrhea 1 diarrhoea concept:D003967
MeSH D003371 Cough 1 cough concept:D003371
MeSH D006261 Headache 1 headache concept:D006261
MeSH D018771 Arthralgia 1 joint pain concept:D018771
MeSH D005076 Exanthema 1 skin rash concept:D005076
MeSH D014839 Vomiting 1 vomiting concept:D014839
MeSH D009325 Nausea 1 nausea concept:D009325