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    Tuberculous Pericarditis MESHD Pericarditis HP with tamponade in COVID-19: A case report

    Authors: SHIUN WOEI WONG; Jessica Ng Ke Xuan; Chia Yew Woon

    doi:10.21203/ Date: 2020-07-17 Source: ResearchSquare

    IntroductionTuberculous pericarditis MESHD pericarditis HP is a rare manifestation of tuberculosis infection MESHD. COVID-19 pandemic poses a challenge in detecting uncommon disease. Pericardial effusion HP with tamponade has been described with COVID-19 but the association with tuberculosis MESHD is not yet known. Case presentationA 47-year-old man was admitted with symptoms of COVID-19 infection MESHD. Rapid progression of cardiomegaly HP cardiomegaly MESHD on radiograph with clinical deterioration were suggestive of pericardial tamponade. Urgent pericardiocentesis revealed hemoserous fluid, elevated adenosine deaminase and positive TB PCR. He was started on steroid, anti-tuberculous therapy and Remdesivir with marked improvement of symptoms. Repeat echocardiogram and CT Thorax showed resolution of pericardial fluid and patient was discharged well. ConclusionsThis case highlights the difficulty in detecting a concomitant rare but important disease. The development of massive pericardial tamponade acutely is not pathognomonic for COVID-19, and a careful diagnostic process involving multi-modality imaging, occurred to arrive at a diagnosis of tuberculosis MESHD.

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