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    A neonate born to mother with COVID-19 during Pregnancy & HELLP syndrome MESHD: A possible vertical transmission 

    Authors: Nirmal kumar Mohakud; Hari KrishnaYerru; Monalisha Rajguru; Shlok Saxena; Srinitya Kollu; Natasha Sharma; Sushree Samiksha Naik

    doi:10.21203/ Date: 2020-07-16 Source: ResearchSquare

    COVID-19 i nfection MESHDin newborn is uncommon, and there is doubt regarding vertical transmission TRANS of COVID-19 from an infected mother. We report a preterm neonate born to a mother with H ELLP syndrome MESHDand COVID-19 pneumonia HP, who was COVID-19 positive (RT-PCR of tracheal aspirate) at 12 hours of age TRANS

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