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MeSH D007239 Infections 177 infected, infections, infection, infection and disease, infects, nfection., HCW infected, traumatic infection, nfection , infect concept:D007239
MeSH D045169 Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome 111 SARS-CoV-2 infects, SARS-CoV-2 infections, SARS-CoV-2 infected, SARS-CoV-2 infection, SARS-CoV-2-infected, SARS-CoV-2", SARS-CoV-2 epidemic, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) allows long, Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2, SARS-CoV-2 infected pupils, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus-2, SARS-CoV-2 symptoms, acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infection, SARS-CoV-2 infections escalating, SARS-CoV-2 burden, SARS-nCoV, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infected Pneumonia, SARS CO-V-2 infection, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2, acute respiratory syndrome, Severe acute respiratory syndrome, SARS virus infection, Repeat SARS-CoV-2, SARS-CoV-2 pneumonia, SARS-CoV-2 disease, acute respiratory disease, SARS-CoV- 2 infection, 000 SARS-CoV-2, respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV), SARS-CoV-2 Infection, acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2, acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) disease, SARSr-CoV-2 in Malayan pangolins, numerous acute respiratory syndrome, SARS-CoV, SARS-CoV-II, Acute Respiratory Syndrome SARS, SARS-CoV-2 infectivity, SARS-CoV-2 Spike, respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2(SARS-CoV-2, SARS pneumonia, SARS-CoV-2, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, SARS'CoV'2, SARS-CoV-2 IgM concept:D045169
MeSH D012141 Respiratory Tract Infections 11 respiratory tract infection, infected people via infected respiratory droplets, respiratory infections, respiratory infection, respiratory viral infections, Respiratory and Emerging Infection, upper respiratory tract infections, respiratory virus infection concept:D012141
MeSH D005334 Fever 56 fever, Fever, High fever, malaise and fever concept:D005334
MeSH D011014 Pneumonia 32 pneumonia, pneumonia infection, bilateral pneumonia concept:D011014
MeSH D012140 Respiratory Tract Diseases 9 respiratory diseases, respiratory disease, respiratory tract disease concept:D012140
MeSH D008224 Lymphoma, Follicular 1 Center for Disease concept:D008224
MeSH D003027 Cluster Headache 4 infection clusters, cluster infection concept:D003027
MeSH D018352 Coronavirus Infections 117 respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2, coronavirus disease, SARS-coronavirus, Coronavirus disease, respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infections, Coronavirus Disease, coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, coronavirus diseases, respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2) infection, respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infection, MERS, Perceptions of Coronavirus Disease, respiratory syndrome Coronavirus 2, SARs coronavirus, coronavirus infection, cluster of coronavirus Disease, drug discovery, Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2, coronavirus or death concept:D018352
MeSH D029424 Pulmonary Disease, Chronic Obstructive 6 declines, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, chronic lung disease concept:D029424
MeSH D013742 Tetanus 1 tetanus concept:D013742
MeSH D006509 Hepatitis B 2 hepatitis B concept:D006509
MeSH D011008 Pneumococcal Infections 2 pneumococcal concept:D011008
MeSH D012400 Rotavirus Infections 1 rotavirus concept:D012400
MeSH D008581 Meningitis 1 meningitis A concept:D008581
MeSH D012409 Rubella 1 rubella concept:D012409
MeSH D015004 Yellow Fever 1 yellow fever concept:D015004
MeSH D006212 Hallucinations 5 infected people, people infected concept:D006212
MeSH D014777 Virus Diseases 12 viral disease, viral infection, emerging viral pandemic disease, viral infections, Virus Disease, Viral Virulence concept:D014777
MeSH D015047 Zoonoses 1 zoonotic infections concept:D015047
MeSH D003643 Death 52 death, deaths in Wallonia, deaths, infections and deaths, premature death, SARS-CoV-2 deaths concept:D003643
MeSH D005770 Gastrointestinal Neoplasms 1 gastrointestinal tract infection concept:D005770
MeSH D010996 Pleural Effusion 2 pleural effusion concept:D010996
MeSH D060085 Coinfection 8 secondary infection, SAR, co-infection, co-infections, SARS-Co-V-2 infections, SARS-Co-V-2 infection concept:D060085
MeSH D003371 Cough 22 cough, dry cough concept:D003371
MeSH D010698 Phobic Disorders 2 Reopening schools, infected schools concept:D010698
MeSH D009784 Occupational Diseases 2 ICU occupation, occupational exposure to infected concept:D009784
MeSH D005221 Fatigue 17 fatigue concept:D005221
MeSH D001523 Mental Disorders 4 psychiatric, neuro-psychiatric, irritability, psychological/psychiatric concept:D001523
MeSH D002908 Chronic Disease 9 chronic illness, chronic diseases, chronic disease, chronic villitis, chronic respiratory disease concept:D002908
MeSH D008171 Lung Diseases 7 lung infections, obvious lesions in both lung lobes, lung disease, lung epithelial infection, lung damage concept:D008171
MeSH D017436 Kallmann Syndrome 1 publication bias concept:D017436
MeSH D014095 Tooth, Impacted 4 impact of SARS-CoV-2 infection, HC impact, sychological impacts, concept:D014095
MeSH D012131 Respiratory Insufficiency 19 respiratory illness, acute respiratory failure, respiratory, respiratory syndrome, respiratory failure, respiratory complications, Respiratory Illness, acute hypoxemic respiratory failure, impaired respiratory function, hypoxemic respiratory failure concept:D012131
MeSH D000857 Olfaction Disorders 6 anosmia, smell dysfunction concept:D000857
MeSH D063806 Myalgia 4 myalgia, myalgias concept:D063806
MeSH D006261 Headache 7 headache concept:D006261
MeSH D058447 Eye Pain 1 ocular pain concept:D058447
MeSH D004417 Dyspnea 20 dyspnea, shortness of breath concept:D004417
MeSH D001943 Breast Neoplasms 5 breast milk, breast of infected concept:D001943
MeSH D000031 Abortion, Septic 1 abortion concept:D000031
MeSH D001237 Asphyxia 1 neonatal asphyxia concept:D001237
MeSH D066087 Perinatal Death 3 neonatal death concept:D066087
MeSH D011655 Pulmonary Embolism 5 pulmonary embolism, pulmonary infection, pulmonary alveoli concept:D011655
MeSH D015658 HIV Infections 2 increase in HIV visits, HIV concept:D015658
MeSH D058186 Acute Kidney Injury 1 acute kidney injury concept:D058186
MeSH D003866 Depressive Disorder 8 depressed, depression concept:D003866
MeSH D009765 Obesity 9 obese, obesity concept:D009765
MeSH D006973 Hypertension 21 hypertense, hypertensive, hypertension, hypertensive disorders, Hypertension concept:D006973
MeSH D003920 Diabetes Mellitus 19 diabetes, diabetes mellitus, Diabetes Mellitus concept:D003920
MeSH D007153 Immunologic Deficiency Syndromes 4 immunodeficiencies, primary immunodeficiency disorder, immune deficiency concept:D007153
MeSH D051436 Renal Insufficiency, Chronic 5 chronic kidney disease concept:D051436
MeSH D002318 Cardiovascular Diseases 7 cardiovascular diseases, Cardiovascular disease, cardiovascular disease, cardiovascular diseases plus diabetes concept:D002318
MeSH D011681 Pupil Disorders 1 infected pupils concept:D011681
MeSH D012892 Sleep Deprivation 1 social deprivation concept:D012892
MeSH D014376 Tuberculosis 4 Tuberculosis, tuberculosis concept:D014376
MeSH D001008 Anxiety Disorders 11 anxiety concept:D001008
MeSH D005316 Fetal Distress 1 mental distress concept:D005316
MeSH D014412 Tumor Virus Infections 4 Virus infection, virus infection, Zika virus infection concept:D014412
MeSH D006940 Hyperemia 1 Venous blood concept:D006940
MeSH D006333 Heart Failure 1 heart failure concept:D006333
MeSH D009080 Mucocutaneous Lymph Node Syndrome 1 Kawasaki disease concept:D009080
MeSH D008206 Lymphatic Diseases 1 conjunctivitis, lymphadenopathy concept:D008206
MeSH D005076 Exanthema 1 rash concept:D005076
MeSH D004487 Edema 1 edema concept:D004487
MeSH D007249 Inflammation 3 inflammatory syndrome, inflammation, alveolus inflammation concept:D007249
MeSH D000224 Addison Disease 3 insufficient, insufficiency concept:D000224
MeSH D014766 Viremia 1 neonatal viremia placental inflammation concept:D014766
MeSH D017202 Myocardial Ischemia 1 Ischemic Heart Diseases concept:D017202
MeSH D014625 Vaginal Neoplasms 1 vagina concept:D014625
MeSH D003141 Communicable Diseases 20 pandemic infectious disease, infectious disease, infectious diseases, Infectious Diseases concept:D003141
MeSH D003704 Dementia 1 dementia concept:D003704
MeSH D006331 Heart Diseases 1 heart disease concept:D006331
MeSH D006949 Hyperlipidemias 1 hyperlipidemia concept:D006949
MeSH D009369 Neoplasms 6 neoplasm, cancer, malignancy concept:D009369
MeSH D003924 Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2 2 type 2 diabetes concept:D003924
MeSH D007235 Infant, Premature, Diseases 1 infant infection concept:D007235
MeSH D050497 Stillbirth 2 stillbirth concept:D050497
MeSH D003327 Coronary Disease 1 coronary pneumonia concept:D003327
MeSH D003967 Diarrhea 11 diarrhea, diarrhoea, Diarrhea concept:D003967
MeSH D007752 Obstetric Labor, Premature 1 preterm labor concept:D007752
MeSH D010922 Placenta Diseases 2 placental disorders, placental vasculopathy concept:D010922
MeSH D007037 Hypothyroidism 2 hypothyroidism concept:D007037
MeSH D000740 Anemia 2 anemia concept:D000740
MeSH D012128 Respiratory Distress Syndrome, Adult 7 respiratory distress syndrome, acute respiratory distress syndrome, adult respiratory distress syndrome, Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome concept:D012128
MeSH D012893 Sleep Wake Disorders 3 sleeping arrangements, sleep efficiency, sleep disturbance concept:D012893
MeSH D006996 Hypocalcemia 1 hypocalcemia concept:D006996
MeSH D009325 Nausea 4 nausea concept:D009325
MeSH D014839 Vomiting 5 vomiting concept:D014839
MeSH D013651 Taste Disorders 2 loss of taste, Taste dysfunction concept:D013651
MeSH D003428 Cross Infection 3 nosocomial SARS-CoV2 infection, IN A TEACHING HOSPITAL IN SPAIN, cross-infection concept:D003428
MeSH D006552 Hernia, Inguinal 1 incarcerated inguinal hernia concept:D006552
MeSH D003681 Dehydration 1 dehydration concept:D003681
MeSH D003221 Confusion 3 confusion concept:D003221
MeSH D003693 Delirium 1 delirium concept:D003693
MeSH D008175 Lung Neoplasms 2 lung cancer concept:D008175
MeSH D010554 Personality Disorders 1 personal infection concept:D010554
MeSH D012818 Signs and Symptoms, Respiratory 3 RS, respiratory symptoms, respiratory illness symptoms concept:D012818
MeSH D016638 Critical Illness 3 critically ill, critical illness concept:D016638
MeSH D001289 Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity 1 ADHD concept:D001289
MeSH D008133 Long QT Syndrome 1 LTCH concept:D008133
MeSH D001424 Bacterial Infections 3 bacterial infections, bacterial infection concept:D001424
MeSH D018771 Arthralgia 4 arthralgia concept:D018771
MeSH D008288 Malaria 2 HIV/AIDS, malaria, malaria infection concept:D008288
MeSH D000163 Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome 2 AIDS concept:D000163
MeSH D000855 Anorexia 3 anorexia concept:D000855
MeSH D007970 Leukopenia 4 leukopenia concept:D007970
MeSH D008231 Lymphopenia 11 lymphopenia, lymphocytopenia, Lymphopenia concept:D008231
MeSH D009181 Mycoses 1 bacteria or fungus concept:D009181
MeSH D008268 Macular Degeneration 1 macular degeneration concept:D008268
MeSH D014786 Vision Disorders 1 visual impairment concept:D014786
MeSH D013736 Testicular Neoplasms 1 infect the testes concept:D013736
MeSH D051437 Renal Insufficiency 1 renal failure concept:D051437
MeSH D001249 Asthma 2 chronic diseases like asthma, asthma concept:D001249
MeSH D065634 Cerebrospinal Fluid Leak 1 bronchoalveolar lavage fluid concept:D065634
MeSH D021821 Communicable Diseases, Emerging 4 emerging infectious disease, emerging infectious febrile diseases concept:D021821
MeSH D009759 Nystagmus, Pathologic 2 infection symptoms concept:D009759
MeSH D003424 Crohn Disease 2 Region Saudi Arabia, Qassim Region Saudi Arabia concept:D003424
MeSH D015746 Abdominal Pain 3 abdominal pain, Abdominal pain concept:D015746
MeSH D054198 Precursor Cell Lymphoblastic Leukemia-Lymphoma 1 ALL concept:D054198
MeSH D020018 Sexual Dysfunctions, Psychological 3 psychological distress concept:D020018
MeSH D017563 Lung Diseases, Interstitial 1 interstitial pneumonia concept:D017563
MeSH D041441 Retinoschisis 1 RS virus infection concept:D041441
MeSH D009382 Neoplasms, Unknown Primary 1 unknown febrile disease concept:D009382
MeSH D064147 Febrile Neutropenia 1 febrile disease concept:D064147
MeSH D002282 Adenocarcinoma, Bronchiolo-Alveolar 3 alveolar type II, infects human lung alveolar, alveolar concept:D002282
MeSH D004630 Emergencies 2 emerging disease, emergencies concept:D004630
MeSH D012772 Shock, Septic 1 septic shock concept:D012772
MeSH D004211 Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation 1 intravascular coagulation concept:D004211
MeSH D009102 Multiple Organ Failure 1 multi-organ failure concept:D009102
MeSH D059246 Tachypnea 1 tachypnea concept:D059246
MeSH D002659 Child Development Disorders, Pervasive 1 pervasive deficits concept:D002659
MeSH D004194 Disease 1 diseases concept:D004194
MeSH D012216 Rheumatic Diseases 1 rheumatic diseases concept:D012216
MeSH D001171 Arthritis, Juvenile 1 juvenile idiopathic arthritis concept:D001171
MeSH D056660 Hereditary Autoinflammatory Diseases 1 autoinflammatory diseases concept:D056660
MeSH D014657 Vasculitis 1 vasculitis concept:D014657
MeSH D001919 Bradycardia 1 HR concept:D001919
MeSH D021081 Chronobiology Disorders 1 dysregulated chemokines concept:D021081
MeSH D005759 Gastroenteritis 1 gastroenteritis concept:D005759
MeSH D001064 Appendicitis 1 appendicitis concept:D001064
MeSH D000014 Abnormalities, Drug-Induced 1 Birth Cohort concept:D000014
MeSH D012817 Signs and Symptoms, Digestive 2 gastrointestinal symptoms concept:D012817
MeSH D015179 Colorectal Neoplasms 1 colorectal cancer concept:D015179
MeSH D000236 Adenoma 1 adenoma concept:D000236
MeSH D017042 Phenylketonuria, Maternal 1 maternal infection concept:D017042
MeSH D001991 Bronchitis 1 bronchitis concept:D001991
MeSH D007247 Infertility, Female 2 infertile, infertility concept:D007247
MeSH D005767 Gastrointestinal Diseases 3 gastrointestinal infections, gastrointestinal, GI concept:D005767
MeSH D005734 Gangrene 1 gangrene concept:D005734
MeSH D018461 Soft Tissue Infections 1 soft tissue infection concept:D018461
MeSH D006073 Gout 1 gout ruptures concept:D006073
MeSH D007674 Kidney Diseases 9 kidney injury, renal disease, Kidney Diseases, kidney damage, kidney diseases concept:D007674
MeSH D002637 Chest Pain 2 CHEST, chest pain concept:D002637
MeSH D009503 Neutropenia 2 neutropenia concept:D009503
MeSH D009304 Nasopharyngitis 1 NPS concept:D009304
MeSH D058345 Asymptomatic Infections 1 asymptomatic infection concept:D058345
MeSH D056486 Chemical and Drug Induced Liver Injury 3 elevated liver enzymes, hepatic injury concept:D056486
MeSH D002779 Cholestasis 1 gestational cholestasis concept:D002779
MeSH D018805 Sepsis 2 sepsis concept:D018805
MeSH D005311 Fetal Hypoxia 1 fetal hypoxia concept:D005311
MeSH D004408 Dysgeusia 1 dysgeusia concept:D004408
MeSH D011019 Pneumonia, Mycoplasma 1 Mycoplasma pneumonia concept:D011019
MeSH D008107 Liver Diseases 2 liver disease concept:D008107
MeSH D006323 Heart Arrest 2 cardiac arrest concept:D006323
MeSH D009069 Movement Disorders 1 neurological disability concept:D009069
MeSH D013625 Takayasu Arteritis 1 VF or pulseless VT concept:D013625
MeSH D012555 Schistosomiasis mansoni 2 ICU concept:D012555
MeSH D006417 Hematuria 1 hematuria concept:D006417
MeSH D011507 Proteinuria 1 proteinuria concept:D011507
MeSH D008310 Malocclusion 1 Learning Classification concept:D008310
MeSH D011024 Pneumonia, Viral 2 viral pneumonia concept:D011024
MeSH D057092 Geographic Atrophy 1 GIS concept:D057092
MeSH D017359 HELLP Syndrome 1 ELLP syndrome concept:D017359
MeSH D004827 Epilepsy 1 epilepsy concept:D004827
MeSH D000860 Hypoxia 2 hypoxemia, hypoxia concept:D000860
MeSH D017114 Liver Failure, Acute 1 acute hypoxemicrespiratory failure concept:D017114
MeSH D020250 Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting 1 nausea/vomiting concept:D020250
MeSH D007964 Leukocytosis 1 leukocytosis concept:D007964
MeSH D011605 Psychoses, Substance-Induced 1 psychosis concept:D011605
MeSH D007859 Learning Disabilities 1 deep learning concept:D007859
MeSH D005355 Fibrosis 2 interstitial fibrosis, cirrhosis concept:D005355
MeSH D012298 Rigor Mortis 1 rigorous employee education concept:D012298
MeSH D000370 Ageusia 2 ageusia concept:D000370
MeSH D009336 Necrosis 1 necrosis concept:D009336
MeSH D020144 Basal Ganglia Cerebrovascular Disease 1 vasculopathy concept:D020144
MeSH D004461 Eclampsia 1 eclampsia concept:D004461
MeSH D009668 Nose Diseases 1 HFNT concept:D009668
MeSH D006471 Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage 2 gastrointestinal bleeding, gastrointestinal(GI) bleeding concept:D006471
MeSH D019318 Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome 1 mystery pneumonia concept:D019318
MeSH D010995 Pleural Diseases 1 pleural retraction concept:D010995
MeSH D006470 Hemorrhage 1 UGI bleeding concept:D006470
MeSH D006484 Hemorrhoids 1 hemorrhoids concept:D006484
MeSH D020252 Gastric Antral Vascular Ectasia 1 gastric antral vascular ectasia concept:D020252
MeSH D000544 Alzheimer Disease 1 AD concept:D000544
MeSH D008607 Intellectual Disability 1 mental illness concept:D008607