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    Multimodal Physical Therapy Approach on Depression MESHD, Anxiety HP Anxiety MESHD, Stress and Quality of Life in Subject with Home Quarantine for COVID-19 Pandemic Attack- A Case Study From India

    Authors: Ramesh Patra; Biswajit Kanungo

    doi:10.21203/ Date: 2020-05-12 Source: ResearchSquare

    Purpose: The main purpose of our study was to evaluate the effectiveness of   multidisciplinary physiotherapy approach on depression MESHD, anxiety HP anxiety MESHD, stress and quality of life during lockdown periods for the COVID-19 pandemic attack. Method: The patient was 56 years female TRANS complaining with restlessness HP restlessness MESHD and sleep disturbances HP at night in an outpatient department, Jalandhar Physiotherapy, India. She was a known case of hypertension HP hypertension MESHD and grade-2 bilateral knee osteoarthritis HP osteoarthritis MESHD. Her level of depression MESHD, anxiety HP anxiety MESHD and stress was evaluated through DASS-21 ( Depression Anxiety Stress MESHD Anxiety HP Stress Scale) questionnaire. Short Form of health related questionnaire (SF-36) was used for the assessment of quality of life. Emotional liberation breathing technique and multimodal physical therapy approaches were used to treat the patient for 2 weeks of periods 3 sessions per week. Results: After four weeks of follow up the patient was presented with significant improvement in all the parameters depression MESHD, anxiety HP anxiety MESHD, stress and quality of life (physical functioning, role of limitation-physical health, role of limitation-emotional health, energy,  emotional wellbeing, Body pain HP pain MESHD and general health). These outcomes were reduced the use of analgesics and sedative drugs.  Conclusion: Therefore, the outcomes of this case study concluded that multidimensional therapeutic approach is a beneficial approach to manage depression MESHD, anxiety HP anxiety MESHD, quality of life, and sleep quality.

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