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Identifier Preferred Label Frequency Covered text Add search term
id_transmission Transmission 190 transmission, disease spread, transmission risk, transmission chains, household transmissions, chain of transmission, transmissions, risk of transmission, Transmission, transmissibility, spread of the disease, spreading disease, disease is spread, disease spreading, disease has spread, disease that has spread, spread of this disease concept:transmission
id_age age categories 147 age, elderly, adult, age groups, Age, adults, aged, ages, children, age group, age-groups, Children concept:age
id_gender gender 190 gender, female, Females, Male, males, females, male, Female, Gender, Males, genders concept:gender
id_risk risk of infection 12 risk of infection, infection risk concept:risk
id_incubation incubation period 16 incubation period, incubation periods, mean incubation period concept:incubation
id_reproductive reproductive number R 11 R0, reproductive number, population-level effective reproductive number, reproduction number, reproductive numbers, basic reproduction number concept:reproductive
id_asymptotic asymptotic cases 33 asymptomatic, Asymptomatic concept:asymptotic
id_contact contact tracing 34 close contacts, household contacts, family members, friends, contact tracing, cases had travel, close contact, contact-tracing, Close contacts, family member, cases for which travel, based on contact, parents, traced concept:contact
id_onset symptom onset 11 symptom onset, onset of symptoms, symptoms at onset concept:onset
id_recovery time to recovery 1 time to recovery concept:recovery
id_secondaryattack secondary attack rate 8 secondary attack rate, secondary cases, Secondary cases, individual-level secondary attack rate concept:secondaryattack
id_serial serial interval 4 serial interval, serial intervals concept:serial
id_fomite fomite 26 carrier, confirmed case, carriers, confirmed cases, conīŦrmed cases, Confirmed cases, cases were confirmed concept:fomite
id_primaryattack primary attack rate 2 primary cases concept:primaryattack
id_travel recently travelled 24 traveling, travelled, travel, recent travel, travelling, recently travelled, recently traveled concept:travel
id_infectiousperiod infectious period 1 infectious period concept:infectiousperiod