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Identifier Preferred Label Frequency Covered text Add search term
id_age age categories 64 adults, age, children, elderly, age groups, ages, aged, adult, Children, Age, age group, Child concept:age
id_fomite fomite 23 confirmed cases, confirmed case, carriers, confirmed to have had infections, infection confirmed concept:fomite
id_asymptotic asymptotic cases 52 asymptomatic, asymptotic, Asymptomatic concept:asymptotic
id_gender gender 25 males, gender, male, females, female, Female concept:gender
id_onset symptom onset 18 onset of symptoms, symptom onset, symptoms onset concept:onset
id_transmission Transmission 42 transmission, spread of the disease, Transmission, transmission risks, transmission, risk concept:transmission
id_travel recently travelled 4 travelled, travel, recently traveled concept:travel
id_contact contact tracing 16 close contact, contact tracing, parents, family members, social interaction, tracing, close contacts, contact frequency, frequency of contact concept:contact
id_risk risk of infection 8 risk of infection, risk for infection, infection risk concept:risk
id_reproductive reproductive number R 7 reproduction number, basic reproduction number, R0 concept:reproductive
id_attack attack rate 3 attack rates, Attack rate concept:attack
id_primaryattack primary attack rate 1 cases in primary concept:primaryattack
id_incubation incubation period 1 incubation period concept:incubation
id_serial serial interval 1 serial interval concept:serial
id_infectiousperiod infectious period 1 infectious period concept:infectiousperiod