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    Muscle manifestations and CK levels in COVID infection: results of a large cohort of patients inside a Pandemic COVID-19 MESHD Area

    Authors: Anna De Rosa; Elena Pinuccia Verrengia; Ivan Merlo; Federico Rea; Gabriele Siciliano; Giovanni Corrao; Alessandro Cesare Prelle

    doi:10.21203/ Date: 2020-10-26 Source: ResearchSquare

    Objective: to investigate both muscular manifestations and CK levels of a large cohort of patients with COVID-19 MESHD infection and to determine whether hyperckemia is associated with morbidity and mortality.Methods: Data of 615 patients discharged from ASST Ovest Milanese (Milan, Lombardy, Italy) with final diagnosis of COVID-19 MESHD infection were retrospectively extracted from electronical medical records from 21 February to 1 May 2020. Patients were descriptively analyzed with respect to the following variables: sex, age, muscular manifestations (including myalgia MESHD/ arthralgia MESHD and fatigue MESHD), respiratory involvement ( SARS pneumonia MESHD or respiratory failure MESHD) and history of falls. Association between patients’ characteristics and CK levels was investigated. In addition, the proportion of patients who died following access to the ER was calculated. Finally, the effect of CK levels and other patients’ features on mortality was estimated using a logistic regression model.Results: 176 (28.6%) patients had raised serum CK levels. 88 (14.3%) had muscular manifestations, of which 81 (13.2%) complained fatigue MESHD and 17 (2.8%) had myalgia MESHD and/or arthralgia MESHD. CK levels were significantly associated with respiratory involvement MESHD and fatal outcome.Conclusions: Our study provides preliminary evidence that hyperckemia is a predictor of respiratory involvement MESHD and fatal outcome in patients with COVID-19 MESHD infection. For patients with muscle damage symptoms MESHD, screening for COVID-19 MESHD infection is recommended together with the dosage of CK level.

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