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    A Potential Misdiagnosis in the COVID-19 Pandemic MESHD Era: A Case Report of Superimposed Thrombosis MESHD or Tumor Recurrence

    Authors: Arezou Zoroufian; Reza Mohseni-Badalabadi; Mehrdad Mahalleh; Seyyed Mojaba Ghorashi; Sharam Momtahen; Negar Omidi

    doi:10.21203/ Date: 2021-01-11 Source: ResearchSquare

    Background: The clinical manifestation of coronavirus disease 2019 MESHD ( COVID-19 MESHD) overlap with other disorders especially cardiovascular diseases MESHD ( CVD MESHD). The prevailing conditions in the COVID-19 pandemic MESHD can distract us from other differential diagnoses.Case presentation: We report a 58 years old female presented with syncope episodes MESHD and dyspnea MESHD on exertion (DOE) with the left atrial (LA) mass, candidate for surgical removal and mitral valve replacement. Nearly 3 months later, she developed dyspnea MESHD, fever MESHD, and a sore throat cause to admit her with suspected COVID-19 MESHD. During diagnostic evaluation, a larger LA mass detected that seemed to be COVID-19 MESHD induced organized thrombus MESHD with prosthetic mitral valve malfunction MESHD. The mass resected and immunohistochemistry revealed liposarcoma MESHD.Conclusions: The unusual early recurrence of liposarcoma MESHD and misdiagnosis with COVID-19 MESHD induced thrombosis MESHD is the hallmark of the present case that we keep other causes in mind besides COVID-19 MESHD.

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