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    Annoying Skin Reaction Among The Medical Staff Using Personal Protective Equipment During COVID-19 MESHD

    Authors: Thamir Alkubaisi

    doi:10.21203/ Date: 2020-08-10 Source: ResearchSquare

    Backgrounds: the medical staff remains liable to COVID-19 MESHD. Healthcare institutions must give offer to the supply of "personal protective equipment" to them, with the prolonged contact with this equipment that may cause a variety of skin diseases MESHD.Purpose: To shed light on the cutaneous abnormal reactions to the "personal protective equipment" among the medical staff and offers solutions.Methods: This cross-sectional study conducted for the medical staff that involved doctors, dentists, pharmacists, and nurses in the high-risk Ramadi General Teaching Hospital and low-risk Private Clinics, between 4-10 July 2020, at the time after the rise in COVID-19 MESHD patients in Anbar governorate, Iraq. A thorough quantitative descriptive research included age, gender, the duration and type of used masks, gloves, Goggles/face shield, and/or gown. About 23 questions described the adverse skin reactions chiefly that involve the skin. Results: A total of 196 participants were recruited for the online questionnaire, including (49.5%) doctor, (15.3%) dentist, (16.8%) pharmacist, and (18.4%) nurse, with a significant involvement between 20-29 years old age. The use of the mask and glove were associated significantly with an adverse skin reaction MESHD, like a wound, dry lips MESHD, Acne and/or folliculitis MESHD, hand dryness MESHD, erythema MESHD, itching, wrinkle, nail fracture MESHD. While workers who regularly used gowns had a negative correlation with adverse skin reactions including erythema MESHD with pruritus of trunk MESHD and shoulders, miliaria MESHD, and pityriasis MESHD versicolor. Goggles/face shield did not report adverse skin problems MESHD,Conclusions: The medical staff uses personal protective equipment that may develop mild dermatological adverse effects. It needs early diagnosis and treatment. There is dermatological advice that may be helpful to avoid these unwanted effects.

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