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Identifier Preferred Label Frequency Add search term
id_ProteinN ProteinN 19 concept:"ProteinN"
id_ComplexRdRp ComplexRdRp 9 concept:"ComplexRdRp"
id_ProteinE ProteinE 6 concept:"ProteinE"
id_ProteinS ProteinS 52 concept:"ProteinS"
id_NSP5 NSP5 11 concept:"NSP5"
id_ORF1ab ORF1ab 4 concept:"ORF1ab"
id_ProteinM ProteinM 3 concept:"ProteinM"
id_ORF7a ORF7a 2 concept:"ORF7a"
id_ORF3a ORF3a 2 concept:"ORF3a"
id_NSP3 NSP3 2 concept:"NSP3"
id_ORF6 ORF6 1 concept:"ORF6"
id_ORF1a ORF1a 2 concept:"ORF1a"
id_NSP2 NSP2 1 concept:"NSP2"
id_NSP12 NSP12 1 concept:"NSP12"