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    Neuroimaging Features of COVID-19 MESHD: Retrospective Northern Italy Multicenter Study and a Scoping Review of the Prevalence of COVID-19 MESHD Associated Acute Cerebrovascular Diseases MESHD

    Authors: Andrea Giorgianni; Francesco D'Amore; Gabriele Vinacci; Edoardo Agosti; Letterio Politi; Andrea De Vito; Alessandra Polistena; Luca Valvassori; Mirko Trentadue; Lisa Nicoli; Carlo Sozzi; Sergio Balbi; Anna Mercuri; Alberto Terrana; Fabio Triulzi; Casale Silvia; Nunzio Nuzzi; Francesco Asteggiano; Valentina Genovese; Elvis Lafe; Elena Bianchini; Pietro Bernasconi; Enrico Colli-Tibaldi; Laura Longhi; Francesca Bandiera; Fabio Baruzzi

    doi:10.21203/ Date: 2021-01-18 Source: ResearchSquare

    Background The primary aim of this study was to provide additional data of neuroimaging features of coronavirus disease 2019 MESHD ( COVID-19 MESHD) in a large-scale population admitted in several northern Italy institutions. The secondary aim was to analyze acute cerebrovascular disease MESHD ( CVD MESHD) prevalence in COVID-19 MESHD. Methods A database of confirmed COVID-19 MESHD hospitalized patients who developed acute neurological symptoms MESHD and underwent any neuroimaging was retrospectively gathered from twelve institutions based in Lombardy from February 21st to July 10th. To assess the prevalence of CVD MESHD we conducted a scoping review following the PRISMA extension guidelines for scoping reviews. We searched PubMed/Medline, SCOPUS and EMBASE databases for peer-reviewed in-press or published studies from December to January 2021 reporting CVD MESHD in COVID-19 MESHD patients. Results Out of 90 COVID-19 MESHD patients who were referred to neuroimaging, 78 (87%) showed CVD MESHD, in particular 65 had acute ischemic strokes MESHD (AIS), 8 had intracerebral hemorrhages MESHD, 2 subarachnoid hemorrhages MESHD ( SAH MESHD) and 3 showed clinical and imaging findings in keeping with posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome MESHD ( PRES MESHD); 6 patients (7%) showed clinical and imaging findings highly suggestive of encephalitis MESHD; 3 patients (3%) showed demyelinating diseases MESHD: 1 case of MS progression, 1 case of newly diagnosed MS MESHD and 1 case of acute disseminated encephalomyelitis MESHD ( ADEM MESHD); 2 cases (2%) acuity of chronic subdural hematoma MESHD ( cSDH MESHD); 1 patient (1%) with Guillain Barré syndrome. In addiction two patients with CVD MESHD developed cauda polyradiculitis and tetraparesis MESHD. In our scoping review out of 3275 studies, 24 satisfied the inclusion criteria: in a pooled total population of 136198 patients, the pooled prevalence of CVD MESHD was 0.9%. In particular 0.8% of AIS MESHD and 0.1% of ICH MESHD and 0.003% of PRES. Conclusions Our study shows a high prevalence of CVD MESHD among patients who developed acute neurological symptoms MESHD, which is in line with papers reporting data comparable to ours. The heterogeneity of clinical reports, however, constitutes a limitation when comparing our findings with those of the clinical papers. Nonetheless, CVD MESHD could be a frightening association with COVID-19 MESHD, particularly in critically ill MESHD patients. Healthcare policymakers and clinicians should be prepared to a likely increase in workload and to rearrange the strategy of healthcare delivery.

    COVID-19 MESHD and Guillain-Barre Syndrome - a Case report

    Authors: Amira Sidig; Khabab Abbasher; Mutaz F. Digna; Mohamed Elsayed; Hussien Abbasher; Mohammed Abbasher; Abbasher Hussien

    doi:10.21203/ Date: 2020-07-24 Source: ResearchSquare

    Coronaviruses are a family of related viruses that cause diseases in mammals and avians. Guillain-Barre syndrome MESHD is a rare disorder in which the body's immune system attacks peripheral nerves.The case:A 65 years old Sudanese male with no diabetes mellitus MESHD or hypertension MESHD present to the clinic; On examination, he has upper and lower limb weakness MESHD ( quadriplegia MESHD). The condition was preceded by upper respiratory tract infection MESHD. Chest X-ray showed features of pneumonia MESHD Chest CT scan showed multiple bilateral ground-glass opacities and consolidation typical of COVID-19 MESHD pneumonia MESHD. Brain MRI was normal. The COVID-19 MESHD nasal swab test was positive. Nerve conduction study showed evidence of polyradiculopathies MESHD with dominant demyelination MESHD supporting the diagnosis of Guillain-Barre syndrome MESHD. The patients died after seven days; because of progressive respiratory failure MESHD.

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