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    COVID-19 MESHD and Acute Kidney Injury requiring Kidney Replacement Therapy: A Bad HGNC Prognostic Sign.

    Authors: Rahul Shekhar; Shubhra Upadhyaya; Silvi Shah; Devika Kapuria

    doi:10.1101/2020.05.08.20096040 Date: 2020-05-13 Source: medRxiv

    The development of acute kidney injury MESHD in patients with COVID-19 MESHD is estimated to about 0.5% from earlier studies from China. The incidence of AKI in patients with COIVID-19 in the largest inpatient series in the United States is 22.2%3. Development of AKI requiring kidney replacement therapy in hospitalized patients is a bad HGNC prognostic sign. Out of Fifty patients admitted to our hospital with COVID-19 MESHD 13/50(26%) developed AKI. All patients required hospitalization in intensive care unit care and 12/13 required initiation of kidney replacement therapy. The median age was 41 years (31-85 years) and 50% were men. Common comorbidities were obesity MESHD (83%), diabetes MESHD (42%), and hypertension MESHD (25%). 10/12 (83%) patients were hypoxemic and required oxygen therapy. 11/12 (92%) patients required invasive ventilation. Majority of patients had elevated neutrophils counts (81.8%) and low lymphocyte counts (81.8%). All patients had chest x-ray findings suggestive of pneumonia MESHD. 11/12(91.6%) developed septic shock MESHD requiring vasopressors. Review of UA showed all patient (9/9) had active urine sediments with blood but 7/9 of them have sterile pyuria MESHD. At the end of study period, 1 patient remained hospitalized. 10/11(90%) patients died and one patient was discharged home with resolution of AKI. Median length of stay was 13 days. The exact mechanism of AKI is not well understood in COVID-19 MESHD but can be due to acute tubular necrosis MESHD due to septic shock MESHD because of cytokine storm in severe COVID-19 MESHD or direct invasion by SARS-CoV-2 on podocytes and proximal renal tubular cells. Our findings suggest poor prognosis despite continuous kidney replacement therapies in patients who develop AKI with COVID-19 MESHD.

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