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    The spectrum of COVID-19 MESHD-associated dermatologic manifestations: an international registry of 716 patients from 31 countries

    Authors: Esther E Freeman; Devon E McMahon; Jules B Lipoff; Misha Rosenbach; Carrie Kovarik; Seemal R Desai; Joanna Harp; Junko Takeshita; Lars E French; Henry W Lim; Bruce H Thiers; George J Hruza; Lindy P Fox

    doi:10.1101/2020.05.24.20111914 Date: 2020-05-25 Source: medRxiv

    Question: What are the cutaneous manifestations associated with COVID-19 MESHD and do they provide insight into the pathophysiology or prognosis? Findings: In this international registry-based case series of 716 patients representing 31 countries, the most common dermatologic morphologies encountered in the 171 COVID-19 MESHD confirmed case included morbilliform, pernio-like, urticarial, macular erythema MESHD, vesicular, papulosquamous MESHD, and retiform purpura MESHD. Retiform purpura MESHD was seen exclusively in critically ill, hospitalized patients. Meaning: COVID-19 MESHD is associated with a spectrum of skin findings in affected patients. These cutaneous manifestations may vary depending on the severity of COVID-19 MESHD.

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