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    What Protects Us Against the COVID-19 MESHD Threat? Cultural Tightness Matters

    Authors: Dan Dong; Zhipeng Chen; Min Zong; Peng Zhang; Wen Gu; Yi Feng; Zhihong Qiao

    doi:10.21203/ Date: 2021-01-09 Source: ResearchSquare

    Background: The only previous studies that formulated a theoretical model of epidemics for psychological response relative to cultural perspectives have focused on the role of individualism–collectivism and have omitted analysis of tightness–looseness MESHD. This study explored the role of cultural tightness in relation to psychological disorders MESHD during the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic MESHD.Methods: We recruited 1827 Chinese adolescents (Mage = 17.78 ± 1.94 years, 55.5% female) to participate a cross-sectional survey. Participants completed a series of questionnaires, including the scales of cultural tightness, risk perception of COVID-19 pandemic MESHD, perceived protection efficacy, anxiety and depression MESHD. A latent moderated structural equations model was used to analyse the mediating and moderating effects of risk perception regarding COVID-19 MESHD, cultural tightness MESHD and perceived protection efficacy on psychological disorders MESHD. Results: The results showed that greater risk perception of COVID-19 MESHD predicted greater psychological disorders MESHD, however cultural tightness moderated this positive relationship. The increase in psychological disorders MESHD with risk perception regarding COVID-19 MESHD was less pronounced among people who lived in tighter cultural areas. In addition, this moderating effect of cultural tightness was further mediated by perceived protection efficacy; that is, tight culture protects against psychological disorders MESHD by enhancing perceived protection efficacy. Conclusion: This study enriched the theoretical framework of cultural tightness MESHD and indicated its importance in the field of mental health and health policies. It also emphasized the importance of tight culture as a protective factor against psychological disorders MESHD in case of COVID-19 MESHD outbreaks, providing valuable practical insight into psychological prevention for COVID-19 MESHD outbreaks. 

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