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MeSH D004194 Disease 2 diseases, worldwideinfectious disease concept:D004194
MeSH D007239 Infections 8 infection, nfected concept:D007239
MeSH D010996 Pleural Effusion 42 pleural effusion, pleural effusions, Pleural Effusion, pleural effusion increase, bilateral pleural effusions, Pleural effusion, leural effusion , bilateral pleural effusion, aeration loss and bilateral pleural effusion, Pleural effusions concept:D010996
MeSH D011014 Pneumonia 21 pneumonia, pneumonia infection, Pneumonia lesions concept:D011014
MeSH D005334 Fever 7 fever, Fever, low fever concept:D005334
MeSH D003371 Cough 4 cough concept:D003371
MeSH D008231 Lymphopenia 1 Lymphopenia concept:D008231
MeSH D016399 Lymphoma, T-Cell 1 Drastic T cell hyperactivation accompanying elevated T concept:D016399
MeSH D045169 Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome 4 SARS-CoV-2 infection, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, SARS-CoV-2" concept:D045169
MeSH D021081 Chronobiology Disorders 1 dysregulation concept:D021081
MeSH D008206 Lymphatic Diseases 8 lymphadenopathy, mediastinal lymphadenopathy, mediastinal lymphadenopathy concept:D008206
MeSH D012128 Respiratory Distress Syndrome, Adult 1 Severe Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Corona Virus 2 concept:D012128
MeSH D010995 Pleural Diseases 8 pleural, leural concept:D010995
MeSH D002282 Adenocarcinoma, Bronchiolo-Alveolar 2 Alveolar, lveolar damage concept:D002282
MeSH D003643 Death 2 death, eath. concept:D003643
MeSH D018352 Coronavirus Infections 15 Coronavirus disease, Coronavirus Disease, coronavirus disease, coronavirus pneumonia, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome(MESR), Corona Virus Disease, respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2, coronavirus infection concept:D018352
MeSH D003428 Cross Infection 1 cross infection concept:D003428
MeSH D008171 Lung Diseases 11 lung opacity, multiple lung lobe lesions, lung lesions detectability, Lung Lesion, pulmonary complications, blurred and messy bilateral lung markings, pneumonia lung lesions, pulmonary lesions, lung abnormalities, lung, pulmonary disease concept:D008171
MeSH D002637 Chest Pain 3 CHEST X-RAY IN, CHEST, chest tightness concept:D002637
MeSH D006332 Cardiomegaly 2 vascular enlargement, cardiomegaly concept:D006332
MeSH D011024 Pneumonia, Viral 2 viral pneumonias, viral pneumonia concept:D011024
MeSH D005221 Fatigue 3 fatigue concept:D005221
MeSH D003586 Cytomegalovirus Infections 1 CMV pneumonia concept:D003586
MeSH D007153 Immunologic Deficiency Syndromes 1 immunodeficiency syndrome concept:D007153
MeSH D000163 Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome 1 AIDS concept:D000163
MeSH D007970 Leukopenia 1 leukopenia concept:D007970
MeSH D011655 Pulmonary Embolism 5 pulmonary thromboembolic disease, pulmonary infection, pulmonary embolism, ubpleural pulmonary consolidation , pulmonary abnormalities concept:D011655
MeSH D002543 Cerebral Hemorrhage 1 pulmonary parenchymal abnormalities concept:D002543
MeSH D005355 Fibrosis 2 fibrosis, ibrosis concept:D005355
MeSH D014388 Tuberculosis, Lymph Node 1 lymph node enlargement concept:D014388
MeSH D003318 Corneal Opacity 1 nodular opacities concept:D003318
MeSH D004417 Dyspnea 1 dyspnea concept:D004417
MeSH D000855 Anorexia 1 anorexia concept:D000855
MeSH D007251 Influenza, Human 2 influenza pneumonia, influenza virus infections concept:D007251
MeSH D001237 Asphyxia 1 asphyxia concept:D001237
MeSH D018410 Pneumonia, Bacterial 2 bacterial pneumonia concept:D018410
MeSH D006471 Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage 1 gastrointestinal bleeding concept:D006471
MeSH D004751 Enteritis 1 necrotizing enteritis concept:D004751
MeSH D006932 Hyperbilirubinemia 1 hyperbilirubinemia concept:D006932
MeSH D003967 Diarrhea 1 diarrhea concept:D003967
MeSH D066087 Perinatal Death 1 neonatal deaths concept:D066087
MeSH D007035 Hypothermia 1 accidentally detected abnormalities concept:D007035
MeSH D001991 Bronchitis 1 bronchitis concept:D001991
MeSH D001996 Bronchopneumonia 1 bronchial pneumonia concept:D001996
MeSH D060085 Coinfection 1 secondary infection concept:D060085
MeSH D014777 Virus Diseases 2 Corona Virus Disease, viral infection concept:D014777
MeSH D009369 Neoplasms 1 tumor concept:D009369
MeSH D065311 Adenocarcinoma in Situ 1 adenoid cystic carcinoma of nasal cavity concept:D065311
MeSH D009362 Neoplasm Metastasis 1 metastases concept:D009362
MeSH D009062 Mouth Neoplasms 1 cavity malignancy concept:D009062
MeSH D007674 Kidney Diseases 1 esion concept:D007674
MeSH D011658 Pulmonary Fibrosis 2 Pulmonary fibrosis, Depict Pulmonary Fibrosis concept:D011658
MeSH D016638 Critical Illness 1 ritically ill concept:D016638
MeSH D001424 Bacterial Infections 1 bacterial infection concept:D001424
MeSH D001469 Barotrauma 1 Barotrauma concept:D001469
MeSH D004487 Edema 1 cardiogenic pulmonary oedema concept:D004487
MeSH D006333 Heart Failure 1 acute heart failure concept:D006333
MeSH D012131 Respiratory Insufficiency 1 respiratory illness concept:D012131
MeSH D018376 Cardiovascular Abnormalities 1 Abnormalities concept:D018376
MeSH D056587 Cryopyrin-Associated Periodic Syndromes 1 multisystem inflammatory syndrome concept:D056587
MeSH D007249 Inflammation 1 inflammation concept:D007249
MeSH D001201 Ascites 1 ascites concept:D001201
MeSH D003638 Deafness 1 bilateral parietooccipital abnormalities concept:D003638
MeSH D010211 Papilledema 1 papilledema concept:D010211