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id_fomite fomite 457 confirmed cases, confirmed infections, cases of confirmed, carriers, Cases were confirmed, cases confirmed, confirmed case, cases have been confirmed, carrier, confirmed the cases, confirm cases, case was confirmed, cases in confirmed, infections were confirmed, confirmed infection, Confirmed Cases, cases that have been confirmed, cases were confirmed, fomite, confirmed to have had infections, infection confirm, Confirmed cases, infection have been confirmed, infection was confirmed, Fomite, cases on confirmed, Carriers, Carrier, confirm the infection, cases with confirmed, infection confirmed, cases with no confirmed, cases (confirmed, infections confirmed concept:fomite
id_transmission Transmission 1172 transmission, disease spread, disease spreads, spread of this disease, spread of disease, spread of the disease, spread of a disease, disease spreading, diseases spread, spreading of the disease, disease has spread, disease has been spread, diseases that spread, spread the disease, transmissibility, spread disease, transmissions, spreading disease, disease is spreading, disease that has spread, disease that is spreading, disease to spread, spreading the disease, Transmission, transmission risks, spread of diseases, disease had spread, Disease spread, disease and spread, disease is spread, disease can be spread, disease, that has spread, transmission risk, disease, has spread, chain of transmission, disease can spread, spread of such diseases, spreading of this disease, disease that spreads, transmission/risk, risk of transmission, transmission chains, disease which has spread, diseases are spreading, spread of the diseases, disease that spread, household transmissions, household transmission concept:transmission
id_secondaryattack secondary attack rate 38 SAR, number of secondary infections, sar, cases are secondary, secondary cases, secondary attack rate, Secondary cases, secondary case, secondary was the case concept:secondaryattack
id_age age categories 1068 age, adults, elderly, Age, aged, ages, children, adult, AGE, age groups, age group, groups had older ages, Ages, Elderly, child, Child, groups and age, age-groups, Children, Adult, older age groups, elderlies, Aged, Adults concept:age
id_gender gender 514 male, females, gender, female, males, Males, Gender, Male, genders, Females, Female concept:gender
id_incubation incubation period 86 incubation period, incubation periods, mean incubation period, mean times from the onset of symptoms, periods within the incubation concept:incubation
id_travel recently travelled 152 traveling, travel, travelling, history of recent travel, travelled, traveled, recently travelled, Travel, recent travel, Traveling concept:travel
id_asymptotic asymptotic cases 325 asymptomatic, Asymptotic, asymptotic, Asymptomatic, asymptomatically, asymptomatics concept:asymptotic
id_attack attack rate 21 attack rate, attack rates, Attack Rate, Attack rate concept:attack
id_reproductive reproductive number R 354 basic reproduction number, reproduction number, R0, r value, R_0, reproductive number, Basic Reproduction numbers, effective reproductive number, reproduction numbers, Basic Reproduction Number, Reproduction number, R-value, Reproductive number (R, Reproduction Number, Reproductive Number, Reproductive number, basic reproduction numbers, initial reproduction number, R value, reproductive numbers, reproductive number R, Basic reproduction number, Effective Reproductive Number, reproductive number (R concept:reproductive
id_contact contact tracing 330 tracing, close contacts, contact traced, Contact tracing, contact-tracing, trace, contact tracing, close contact, close relative, traces, social interactions, interaction between social, family members, parents, based contact, trace contact, family member, parenting, Contact Tracing, contacts traced, household contacts, members in each family, Tracing of contacts, tracing contacts, friends, Close contacts, traced their contacts, based on contact, same ward, contact data, close-contact, traced, same classroom, data and contacted, data and contact, travel, case, members of the families, cases with no travel, interaction through social, cases without travel, parent, household contact, social interaction, room shared, tracing the contacts, cases before the travel, closest relative, tracing of contacts concept:contact
id_infectiousperiod infectious period 13 infectious period, period of illness, Period in an infectious concept:infectiousperiod
id_onset symptom onset 151 symptom onset, onset of such symptom, onset of symptoms, symptoms at onset, symptom at onset, symptoms onset, symptoms at the onset, onset symptoms, onset symptom, symptom-onset, onset of a symptom, symptom onsets concept:onset
id_risk risk of infection 83 risk of infection, infection risk, infection; risk, infection and their risks, risk for infection, infection risks, infection and risk, risks of infection, risk infection, infection and these risk concept:risk
id_serial serial interval 34 serial interval, interval serial, Serial Interval, serial intervals, intervals of serial, Serial intervals concept:serial
id_primaryattack primary attack rate 8 primary cases, primary in all cases, primary case concept:primaryattack
id_recovery time to recovery 14 time to recovery, time-to-recovery, recovery time, time of recovery concept:recovery
id_population population average 2 population-average, population average concept:population