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    Analysis of oral risk-factors for ventilator-associated pneumonia HP pneumonia MESHD in critically ill MESHD patients

    Authors: Ademar Takahama Jr; Vitoria Iaros de Sousa; Elisa Emi Tanaka; Evelise Ono; Fernanda Akemi Nakanishi Ito; Priscila Paganini Costa; Maria Beatriz Bergonse Pedrialli; Heliton Gustavo de Lima; Marco Aurélio Fornazieri; Leticia Sassaki Correia; Lucienne Tibery Queiroz Cardoso; Claudia Maria Dantas de Maio Carrilho

    doi:10.21203/ Date: 2020-04-17 Source: ResearchSquare

    Objective: This a cross-sectional study to evaluate the association between oral health findings and ventilator-associated pneumonia HP pneumonia MESHD ( VAP MESHD) among critically ill MESHD patients in intensive care units (ICU). Material and Methods: Data were collected from medical records, and a detailed oral physical examination was performed on 663 critically ill patients on mechanical ventilation. Data were statistically analysed using univariate and logistic regression models relating the development of VAP with the oral findings. Results: At oral physical examination, the most frequent findings were tooth loss MESHD (568 - 85.67%), coated tongue (422 - 63.65%) and oral bleeding HP (192 - 28.96%). Patients with a coated tongue or oral bleeding HP bleeding MESHD on the first day of ICU hospitalization developed more VAP MESHD than did patients without these conditions (20.14% vs 13.69%: p=0.02; 23.44% vs 15.50%: p=0.01, respectively). In the logistic regression, a coated tongue and oral bleeding HP were considered independent risk factors for VAP development [OR=1.60 (1.02-2.47) and OR=1.59 (1.05 – 2.44), respectively]. Conclusions: The presence of a coated tongue and oral bleeding HP in ICU admission could be considered markers for the development of VAP. Clinical relevance: The results of this paper reinforces the importance of proper maintenance of oral hygiene before intubation, which may lead to a decrease in the incidence of VAP MESHD in the ICU. This is particularly important in the COVID-19 current scenario, where more people are expected to need mechanical ventilation, consequently increasing cases of VAP MESHD.

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