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id_reproductive reproductive number R 819 basic reproduction number, reproductive number, reproduction number, R0, Basic Reproduction Number, effective reproductive number, Reproductive Number, basic reproduction numbers, reproduction numbers, R_0, reproductive numbers, R value, reproductive number $R, Reproduction Number, reproductive numbers (R, Reproductive number (R, Basic reproduction number, initial reproduction number, Reproduction number, Basic reproduction numbers, median global initial reproduction number, Reproductive number, Basic Reproduction numbers, population-level effective reproductive number, reproductive number R, number of reproduction, Reproductive numbers, value (R, Effective Reproductive Number, R-value, reproductive number (R, effective reproductive numbers, r value, R$ value, value (r concept:reproductive
id_fomite fomite 137 confirmed cases, infections confirmed, cases with confirmed, cases confirmed, carriers, fomite, confirmed infections, cases have been confirmed, Confirmed infection, infection, have been confirmed, confirmed case, case confirmed, confirmed infection, cases were confirmed, cases (confirmed concept:fomite
id_transmission Transmission 431 transmission, transmissibility, disease spread, transmissions, disease that has spread, spread of disease, spread of the disease, transmission risk, spread the disease, disease spreading, diseases that spread, spread of this disease, disease has spread, disease spreads, Transmission, diseases spread, chains of transmission, transmission risks, disease can spread, risks of transmission, transmission chains, disease is spreading, spread of diseases concept:transmission
id_infectiousperiod infectious period 19 infectious period, infectious periods concept:infectiousperiod
id_serial serial interval 53 serial interval, Serial intervals, serial intervals, interval serial, Serial Interval, Serial interval concept:serial
id_contact contact tracing 119 contact tracing, Contact tracing, based contact, tracing, contact data, contacts data, based on contact, close contacts, shared cabin, cases without travel, social interactions, close contact, Trace, tracing of contacts, social interaction, contact-tracing, data and contact, traces, trace, household contacts, family member, contact frequency, contact traces, Contact Tracing, case and travel, cases before the travel, frequency of contact, contact traced concept:contact
id_travel recently travelled 47 travelling, travel, traveled, recent travel concept:travel
id_onset symptom onset 39 symptom onset, symptom-onset, symptoms onset, onset of symptoms, symptom onsets concept:onset
id_asymptotic asymptotic cases 113 asymptomatic, Asymptomatic, asymptomatics, asymptotic, asymptomatically concept:asymptotic
id_recovery time to recovery 5 time to recovery, recovery time concept:recovery
id_age age categories 97 age, aged, adults, children, child, age group, age groups, Aged, Age, Adults, elderly, ages concept:age
id_gender gender 13 female, Male, gender, females, male, Males, males concept:gender
id_incubation incubation period 48 incubation period, incubation periods, mean incubation period concept:incubation
id_secondaryattack secondary attack rate 25 number of secondary infections, secondary cases, secondary case, individual-level secondary attack rate, secondary attack rate concept:secondaryattack
id_attack attack rate 19 attack rate, attack rates, Attack rate concept:attack
id_primaryattack primary attack rate 10 primary case, primary cases, cases; primary, cases in primary concept:primaryattack
id_risk risk of infection 9 infection risk, risk of infection concept:risk